Manual Therapy Certification Curriculum
IAMT has developed a unique curriculum of manual therapy courses specifically designed to provide clinicians with a solid foundation in both examination and treatment. Our curriculum is centered around clinical reasoning skills and is strongly evidence-based. Our teaching model ensures the therapist focuses not only on the source of the patient’s symptoms but also the causative factors. A variety of eclectic manual therapy and exercise interventions are taught by expert clinicians throughout our curriculum with a strong emphasis on patient outcomes and function achieved through constant assessment. The certification program consists of 8 Manual Therapy courses and upon completion candidates will be eligible to sit for IAMT’s COMT exam. These courses may also be taken independently of the certification curriculum.

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Certification Exam (COMT)

The certification exam process offered by IAMT, which leads to the designation of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), consists of a combination of a practical examination, multiple choice questions and short essay case based questions. The emphasis of the practical component of the exam is designed to test the ability to “think on your feet”. The practical examination procedure will test the student’s ability to effectively examine a patient, perform a mechanical differential diagnosis and selective tissue tensioning, and demonstrate a variety of manual therapy interventions. These interventions include joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, strapping/taping and exercise prescription. The primary purpose of this examination is for each therapist to demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge base in regards to manual physical therapy interventions to achieve optimal patient outcomes. The practical examination and test questions will all be based on the material presented in the 8 Manual Therapy Certification Curriculum courses taken prior to the COMT exam. Successful completion of the Manual Therapy Certification Curriculum series is required in order to sit for the exam.

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