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IAMT is proud to provide advanced specialty courses that encompass a variety of manual therapy and sports medicine topics including: Advanced Sports Medicine Upper Extremity, Advanced Sports Medicine Lower Extremity, Manual Therapy Tool Kit, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pelvic Floor for the Manual Therapist and many others. We will continue to offer new and exciting educational opportunities through our network of world renowned experts. For a list of our current panel of talented US and international instructors, please refer to the “Our Experts” section of our website.

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Pelvic Health 2

Clinicians will be introduced to internal pelvic floor muscle (PFM) examination and treatment in Level II of the Pelvic Health Series. Participants will be instructed in, and have dedicated lab time to practice internal PFM assessment and soft tissue treatment both intravaginally* and intrarectally. Clinicians will be encouraged to incorporate their manual orthopedic skills and knowledge into understanding the role of the PFM. There will be a greater depth on urinary incontinence (UI) beyond stress UI, such as painful bladder syndrome and urge incontinence that have PFM involvement as well as treatment of persons with UI post-prostatectomy. More advanced skills for the physical therapy management of persons with overactive / non-relaxing PFM associated with pelvic pain and constipation will also be presented. Biofeedback with surface EMG and with real-time ultrasound imaging will be available for participants to help ensure that they are able to perform a PFM contraction and relaxation in order to better educate our patients. Contemporary evidence to support physical therapy interventions will be presented.

Participants should all bring a patient case that was / is a challenge in that the skills and knowledge gained from Level I did not adequately address patient’s impairments and goals.

*Male participants are welcome. Please bring a female lab partner, or inquire about how to hire a medical model.

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