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Gravity Fit

The GravityFit system was developed by Carolyn Richardson PhD, an acclaimed PT educator with 30 years of research experience, including being a former international consultant and lead researcher on gravitational physiology with the European Space Agency.

Day 1 of this course introduces GravityFit, a research-based therapeutic exercise model developed from Space Science which incorporates new exercise tools and whole body training programs designed to address the health problems prevalent in our society caused by reducing the sensory effect of Gravity. The course provides the practitioner with the principles and tools to target and resolve muscle imbalances caused by the deterioration in muscle, bone and joint health as a result of modern lifestyles and sports training methods.

Day 2 of this course provides a deeper understanding of the GravityFit Exercise Model (following on from the Level 1 course) and in particular explains the Core Body Benchmark as an effective assessment of musculo-skeletal health and for measuring and monitoring the function of the deep postural Anti-Gravity muscle system. The online Core Body Benchmark tool is also reviewed for assessment and prescription of particular exercise programs depending on Core Body Benchmark outcomes.

Please note, there are several hours or required prereading that must be completed before the course begins. Once you register for this course, you will be given access for the prereading course work.

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