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IAMT is proud to provide advanced specialty courses that encompass a variety of manual therapy and sports medicine topics including: Advanced Sports Medicine Upper Extremity, Advanced Sports Medicine Lower Extremity, Manual Therapy Tool Kit, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pelvic Floor for the Manual Therapist and many others. We will continue to offer new and exciting educational opportunities through our network of world renowned experts. For a list of our current panel of talented US and international instructors, please refer to the “Our Experts” section of our website.

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Advanced Manual Therapy for the Spine

Manual therapy techniques comprise a continuum of skilled passive movements to the joints and/or related soft tissue that are applied at various speeds and amplitudes. This course emphasizes manipulation, an accurately localized or globally applied single, quick, and decisive movement of small amplitude/high velocity, following careful positioning of the patient.
We will first provide a legal review, practice standards, and definitions for manipulation. An overview of manipulations background, effects, evidence, benefits, indications and contraindications will be discussed. The majority of the course will then consist of lab. We will demonstrate and practice a variety of techniques for the cervical (upper, mid, and cervicothoracic), thoracic, and lumbar spine.

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