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IAMT is proud to provide advanced specialty courses that encompass a variety of manual therapy and sports medicine topics including: Advanced Sports Medicine Upper Extremity, Advanced Sports Medicine Lower Extremity, Manual Therapy Tool Kit, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pelvic Floor for the Manual Therapist and many others. We will continue to offer new and exciting educational opportunities through our network of world renowned experts. For a list of our current panel of talented US and international instructors, please refer to the “Our Experts” section of our website.

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Dynamic Taping

This lecture and lab course is designed to enhance physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers and other health care practitioners understanding of the clinical application, neurophysiology, current literature and specific techniques associated with the use of dynamic taping as an adjunct to the continuum of care. Biomechanics, pathophysiology, neurophysiology and the body’s response to both chronic and acute pain will be reviewed to understand when and how taping techniques can be applied. The course is hands-on with a significant focus on the proper application of Dynamic Tape for a variety of neuro-musculo-skeletal pathologies. These taping techniques consist of a direct application for specific pathology and indirect technique of tape application to limit biomechanical stress to associated pathologic tissue. Participants are assessed to ensure they can demonstrate proper technique of tape application for a variety of conditions.

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