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Jason Steffe

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Jason is a 1997 graduate of North Georgia College and State University where he received a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy.  Wishing to learn more about hands-on care, he began taking Stanley Paris’ Manual Therapy courses which culminated in a certification in Manual Therapy in 1999.  Later in 2002, as the profession began moving towards Doctoral level education, he completed a transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a focus on Manual Therapy and Spine rehab from the University of St Augustine Health Sciences.  He mentored under Bob Cantu and Alan Grodin during this time, learning their approach to Myofascial Manipulation among other hands-on approaches.  Finally, in 2004, Jason passed OCS certification and recently has been recertified in 2013.  Other recent certifications include Dry Needling and APTA Clinical Instructor both occurring in 2012.

Professionally, Jason is currently serves as the Regional Clinical Coordinator at Results Physiotherapy in Louisville KY.   He has an extensive background in leadership having served as a Senior Group Director, Area Manager and various Clinic Director roles for other outpatient PT companies in the Greater Atlanta area prior to moving to Louisville to work for Results.